Nailah Blades

Company: Wylie & Co.


Expertise: Marketing (traditional & digital), social media, communications, consumer goods, forecasting & planning

Bio: Nailah Blades is the CEO of Wylie & Co., a marketing agency specializing in lifestyle brands. She works with clients to larify their brands online and uild thriving, inclusive communities f fans, prospects and influencers. Nailah believes that at its core, marketing is about building community and starting conversations. She partners with brands to craft unique experiences for their prospects and customers by helping them connect with their current target market, as well as finding new and alternative markets online. Marketing doesn't exist in a vacuum. Nailah connects the dots. 

Nailah began her career in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Her six years working in Sales and Trade Marketing gave her invaluable experience in account management, strategic planning and forecast planning. She earned her master’s in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University and hold a bachelor’s in Communication from the University of Southern California (Fight On!)