Lessons and more from MORE: the retreat 2016

If you attended MORE: the retreat in July, you might still be processing all that you took away from the event. It was a full three days — full of community and sharing, insights and ideas.

Here are just a few highlights from the retreat

  • Business strategy led the day. Amber Anderson, MORE Movement founder and owner of strategy firm Kayson, led participants in a workshop on strategy, helping them focus on their products and start an action plan to improve their businesses.
  • Family photos and headshots. All of our attendees had the opportunity to have family photos and/or professional headshots taken by Kai-San Anderson Photography.
  • Expert-recommended resources. Attendees learned about a wide variety of resources — apps for collaboration, social media tools, blogs and podcasts for additional education, and tons of tools for working smarter, not harder.
  • The kiddos had a blast. From bubbles to water balloons to basketball, attendees’ little ones were well cared for (and just across the hall) while mom and dad participated in their sessions.
  • We talked family, too. Retreat sessions went beyond business. Jay Feitlinger of StringCan Interactive shared how he has applied his lessons in leading a business to his family. In a session on “Scaling Up Family,” Jay shared his methods for setting goals as a family and the results his family has seen.

So much sharing. Oh, the sharing! Attendees and experts allowed themselves to be open and honest and vulnerable all weekend. They shared business problems and parenting struggles and marriage issues. And they helped one another find answers and solutions. We loved every minute.

And that was just the beginning.

So, if you were with us for MORE: the retreat 2016, thank you for being a part of something new and amazing.

And if you weren’t there (but wish you were), stay tuned for information on next year’s retreat. We’re already working on MORE: the retreat 2017.