Experts Who Get It (and You!)


MORE: the retreat is about building better businesses and stronger families. As parents and business owners, we’re all trying to make it work. To live the lives we want, earn a reasonable income and be with our kids more. It’s not easy, but if we can support one another, it can get easier.

We’re excited to tell you more about three of the experts who will be at MORE: the retreat this July.


Brandy Lawson, 

Technology and Automation


“This is amazing!”

When Brandy Lawson, founder of TekGrl, learned about MORE and our journey to help support parents, she immediately wanted to be a part of it.

“A business retreat for families … It’s such a perfect fit,” she says.

For Brandy, a technology expert and strategist, business and family have always gone together. She grew up in an entrepreneurial family — her parents opened a restaurant the year she was born, and when she exited the corporate grind, she was launching her business and her family at the same time.

Today, she structures her workweek so that she can spend time with her young son, earn an income for her family, and build a business she’s proud of. At MORE: the retreat, she’ll be talking to business owners about being more efficient and effective through technology, and she’s hopeful her husband can learn more about the crazy ride that is entrepreneurship too — and find support among the MORE family.

Joy Bennett

Digital Marketing and Social Media

This family also includes Joy Bennett, a digital marketing and social media expert. She started her business, Joy Bennett Consulting, five years ago. And while she’s found great success, it hasn’t come without its challenges.



“Over the past two years, I’ve really struggled with the demands of being both a parent and a businesswoman,” she says. “I hit this wall … I couldn’t keep going at the pace I had been. So, I’ve been looking for better ways to do life — in all of its facets.”

And that’s why MORE just made sense.


“I thought: This was exactly what we need,” Joy says. “How do I keep doing this in a sustainable way? How do I keep doing what I love without burning out again?”

At the retreat, she’ll be helping other business owners learn how to tell their business stories genuinely and authentically. And she’s looking forward to meeting others and thinking about her own business too.

“One of the things I’ve recognized is that my business is not going to grow or get healthier unless I spend time on the business,” she says. “The retreat is a chance to set aside time for that. I’d like to walk away with a more clearly defined plan.”

Evelyn Gaskin

Strategy and Leadership


Evelyn Gaskin, our leadership expert, is ready to share and learn at the retreat as well.

“I signed on because the more I learned about the purpose behind MORE: the retreat, the more I understood how I could not only benefit from the retreat, but how my experience had also equipped me to be able to contribute to the vision of MORE as well,” says the owner of the Leadership Excellence Development Academy.

After years of working in a corporate environment and being a single mother of three children, Evelyn made a bold move.

“After 14 years, of getting up every day, being stuck in traffic to go to a job that I hated, I decided to develop a financial exit strategy. The goal was to stockpile enough financial resources to cover my life expenses for at least six to 12 months, so I could for once in my life know what it was like to do what I loved whether I got paid to do it or not,” she says. “In other words, live a purposeful life that included spending quality time with my family as opposed to the maybe one to two hours a day.”

And it worked because today, she does what she loves, and she gets paid it do it.

“MORE speaks to having it all, but not at the expense of yourself and your family,” she says. “I can identify with that.”

Are You Ready for MORE?

Our experts get it: They’re facing the same challenges you are. So, when we all come together July 22-24, we’ll have a chance to share our stories, our ideas, our frustrations and our advice.

With just a month to go before MORE: the retreat, it’s an exciting time. If you’re already registered, start thinking about which of our experts you want to connect with. If you’re not registered, there is one opportunity remaining: You can still purchase a Saturday Day Pass and take advantage of the daytime programming.

We’ll see you and your family July 22-24!